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2015-06-03 12:57:42
Preparing Your Home for Sale Part 1

Hi there, Randy DeLaMare with rguy4re.com. Today I want to talk about storage containers and storage lots and how they can be useful in the home selling process. We recently put our home up for sale, we had been in our home for 16 years. during that time we had accumulated a lot of items we probably no longer needed. One of the first things I tell my clients who are getting ready to sell is start packing. Pack the things you're not using then put them in boxes if you have a garage start stacking them up in your garage. If you don't have a garage you can rent a storage pod or a storage locker. You need to decide if you want to take it with you, if you want to donate it to charity,  if you want to sell it. or take it to the landfill. One of the main objectives is to make your house look clean and make your room appear larger. we found the storage pod option to be very good. Instead of having to go to a place and take a truck load to pay storage center we were able to just take it right outside and put it into the storage pod. We also made many trips to the local Deseret Industries to off useful items. You can claim your donations if you itemize on your taxes. We also sold many items on KSL classifieds (a free classified ad service.) It took several weeks to go through each room of the house, the garage and storage shed. The key was downsizing and deciding what we were going to take with us. It makes the moving process much easier. If we haven't used it in the last six months other than holiday decorations we probably didn't want to move it so it was time to sell, donate, or give it to friends or family. 

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2015-06-03 12:57:42
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