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2016-02-19 13:04:19
Who you Gonna Call?
For SaleI remember prior to being a Realtor® when my wife and I were thinking about purchasing a home, we had no idea how to go about making a purchase. In those days we would drive around neighborhoods we had interest in and look for signs of houses for sale. We would sit in front of the homes and wonder what we needed to do to see inside. Do you call the number on the sign? What was the price? Why weren't there fliers in the box? Why didn't they put a price on the flier? Why couldn't the person who answered the phone at the brokerage give pricing information or answer other questions about the listing? If we knew a Realtor® would they be able to get us in to see the listing or did we have to go through the agent on the sign? In some ways things have changed and in others they really haven't. The Internet has changed a lot of things as far as finding pricing, size, number of beds and baths, and other information. In fact 90% or more buyers start their search on the Internet.  But who can take you in and show the listings to you? 
Let's start by saying the agent who has listed the home is representing the seller. And just the seller. You have the right to be represented as a buyer and I would recommend that you have your own representation as a buyer. Someone looking out exclusively for your best interests. This would include new construction- the agent working the model home represents... you guessed it, the seller or in this case the builder. Can they show you the model home? Of course but if you want someone who works for you, looking out for your best interests, you should hire a buyers agent. Before you look for a home start by looking for a buyers agent to help guide you through the process. He/she will help you through every step of the way, getting pre-qualified for a loan, working with and recommending lenders, home inspectors, title companies, surveyors, plumbers, and all other trades that may be involved in your home purchase.
One of the great things about hiring a buyers agent is in many cases the seller will be paying the commission to your agent not you. There are instances where this is not the case. I can explain those cases to you if you would like to know more just call me. 
Earlier I posed several questions so in an attempt to answer here is a short Q&A
Q- Who do I call to see inside?
A- Simple, once you have hired your agent, call them with the address, or MLS# and they should be able to set up a showing for you.
Q- Do you call the number on the sign?
A- Only if you know and want to work with that agent on a limited agency basis. (limited agency represents both parties and is limited in the ability to use information they know in negotiation on your behalf or on the sellers behalf. If he knew how low the seller was willing to go he couldn't really disclose that to you weakening his ability to negotiate on your behalf as the buyer.)
Q- What is the price?
A- Not as relevant in today's market, with the Internet you can find this information relatively easily now.
Q-Why couldn't the person on the phone give me pricing or other information on the property?
A- Only a licensed Agent can give pricing and other information used in negotiating Real Estate. (Also not as big a deal now with information at your fingertips but, many brokerages have receptionists who still are not licensed agents and cannot answer the same questions.)
Q- Why is there no price on the flier?
A- They want to get you on the phone and start a dialog with you in hopes of representing you. 
Q- Can my Realtor® git me in to see the home?
A- Yes, with a few rare exceptions they will work with the listing agent to get you in to see the listing.
So, in a nut shell, Hire your own agent and they will make the process easier for you. If I represent you and you are not happy at anytime with my expertise you can fire me. I promise to do my best to make you a happy home owner. 
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